GZ-Psychologist Amanda Klinkhamer

Big registered GZ psychologist, affiliated with NVGZP
Dutch/English-language treatments, also possible via Skype

My method
What I value greatly in my work is to provide an equal and involved contact to put clients at ease when talking about the difficulties they face. I am curious about their own story and want to understand the other person from his/her own position and values. Only when people really feel heard, there is room to work on changes.

Clients call me involved, warm, respectful, critical and optimistic. I have a strong analytical and empathic ability, with which I align with you and your story. This way the core of the problem often quickly becomes clear. I use different treatment methods from client-oriented therapy, insightful therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-oriented therapy, positive psychology, ACT and EMDR.

To look for tailor-made solutions and to work in a targeted manner on the road to improvement your own control in the treatment process (inside and outside the sessions) is important. Not only will the reduction of complaints be central to the treatment, but attention will also be paid to recognizing and strengthening your own qualities.

My vision
Every person is unique with his/her own personality, convictions and behavior. But also with his own talents, powers and capacities. During my psychology study I noticed that the qualities of clients often remained underexposed. I just wanted to put people in their strength by helping them develop from that power and not only provide recovery for their complaints.

Fortunately I found recognition within positive psychology and solution-oriented therapy, where an appreciative approach is applied with attention to both aspects. By paying attention to the qualities of clients, I experience that they grow towards greater confidence in themselves and the world around them. They feel stronger to continue on their own.

My work experience
I studied clinical psychology for adults as well as developmental psychology for children and youth.

With great pleasure, I worked for 8 years in animal support therapy for children with autism and / or down syndrome and their parents and counselors. In addition, I worked for 3 years in the medical setting of hospitals and GP practices where I assisted clients with (chronic) illnesses or extreme obesity in their process. And I offered treatments for processing major accidents, deliveries or surgeries.

Since 7 years I work in the ‘primary psychology / generalist mental health care’ (GGZ), especially with (young) adults and to a lesser extent with children and parents. What appeals to me within this setting is the diversity in the issues and the relatively rapid changes that clients notice after a number of conversations.

For whom
You can contact me with all kinds of common psychological problems.

For example:

  • Anxiety, panic, worrying, anxiety, dentist’s fear, fear of illnesses
  • Worsening complaints, depression
  • Burnout complaints, stress, perfectionism, struggles between work / private life
  • Major events after violent or sexual escalations, accidents, childbirth, bullying, etc.
  • High sensitivity (HSP)
  • Low self-esteem, identity problems, insecurity, assertiveness problems
  • Social problems in dealing with others
  • Parenting problems
  • Stagnation in heartbreak, problems in finding a (new) partner
  • Mourning and loss
  • Mental complaints due to physical illnesses
  • Problems with overweight
  • Sleep problems
  • Mindfulness and personal development.

As of January 1, 2017 all providers of ‘medical mental health care’ (GGZ), ie generalist basic mental healthcare and specialized mental health care within the Health Insurance Act, are obliged to make a quality statute public. See here the approved status of Amanda.

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