Complaint about the treatment

At Psychologen Amsterdam we will connect you to a therapist that is most suited to help!

At Psychologen Amsterdam we will connect you to a therapist that is most suited to help!

Do you have a complaint about the treatment

Psychologen Amsterdam is a partnership of independently qualified clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, (GZ) psychologists and health care professionals. All therapists are member of a professional association.

Code of ethics

Every professional association has drawn up a Code of ethics, in which the requirements, guidelines and rules of conduct are described, which the work of a treating psychologist/therapist must meet. These are principles such as: responsibility, integrity, respect and expertise. The codes also provide that everything discussed is kept strictly confidential.

Good contact is important

We are fully aware of the importance of safety and good contact with our clients. That is one of the foundations of our work. We do everything we can to give you the space to be yourself and to say what you have in mind, even if it is about the treatment itself or about your practitioner.

What can you do if you are not satisfied with the treatment?

In general, our clients have no complaints. If there is a misunderstanding or you have a complaint about the treatment (the professional behavior) of your psychologist/therapist, it is advisable to first start a conversation with the therapist and try to find a solution. If you are unable to find a solution together, you can contact the professional association to which your treating therapist is affiliated.

For more information about NIP visit
Nederlands Instituut voor Psychologen. The largest professional association for psychologists.

For more information about NFG visit
De Nederlandse Federatie Gezondheidszorg

For more information about FVB visit
Het netwerk van vaktherapeutische beroepsverenigingen

For more information about NvGZP visit
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Gezondheidszorgpsychologie en haar specialismen

For more information about VEN visit
Vereniging EMDR Nederland

For more information about NVRG visit
Beroepsvereniging voor relatie- en gezinstherapeuten

For more information about ECP visit
Beroepsvereniging voor ECP-therapeuten

For more information about VIT visit
Beroepsvereniging voor de Vereniging van Integraal Therapeuten

For more information aboutNAP visit
Nederlandse Associatie voor Psychotherapie

For more information about LVVP visit
Landelijke Vereniging van Vrijgevestigde Psychologen & Psychotherapeuten

For more information about NVvP visit
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Psychiatrie

For more information about VGCT visit
Vereniging voor Gedragstherapie en Cognitieve Therapie

For more information about Register schematherapie visit

For more information about NVP visit
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Psychotherapie

Complaint about the treatment

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