Mindfulness at Psychologist Amsterdam

Mindfulness at Psychologist Amsterdam

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness literally means ‘awareness’. Mindful living means that you give specific attention to things as they are, at the moment and without judging. The result is that you can deal more effectively with stress and difficult feelings. You enjoy more and experience peace and resilience.

Breaking the automatic pilot
Mindfulness teaches you to be present with attention in the current moment. That sounds very simple and obvious, but in practice it appears to be quite difficult. You are so used to being busy with one thing and meanwhile thinking about odds and ends. Your body does one thing and your mind is busy with completely different things. Without knowing or wanting you are busy solving problems in your head, worrying, reliving events, drawing up lists, organizing work, having conversations, etc. So you are not paying attention, you act on your automatic pilot.

The core skill of mindfulness is breaking the automatic pilot, your tendency to respond without being aware of it. With mindfulness you are completely in your focus. As a result, you are more alert, you make better decisions and you enjoy more what you do, see and experience.

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Training mindfulness
During the Mindfulness training you learn to reduce feelings of stress and to adopt a more positive attitude in your work, life and body. With this Mindfulness enriches your life. Even if you have no complaints, the training will give you a lot. During the training you take the time to learn the techniques of Mindfulness. You will find that afterwards you feel much better and have more peace and control over your own life. Which you will also enjoy more.

Also see our Mindfulness training in 8 weeks.

For who is mindfulness suitable?
Mindfulness is good for everyone who wants to live more consciously, enjoy life and the moment more, and who wants the shine back in life. The training works well if you have stress related complaints, such as a burnout, but also if you suffer from worrying, sleeping problems and feelings of unrest.

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