GZ-Psycholoog-Sanne-Haarsma-amsterdamGZ Psychologist Sanne Haarsma

Having grown up in the high North near Groningen, where I also studied, I can best describe my life as a fascinating exploration and search.

In general it was a pleasant search, with of course some difficult moments and choices as well. Broadly oriented and interested as I was and with a great love for sports and social activities, it was no sinecure to choose a field of study. I wanted something fascinating with depth, but I also liked being active and moving and was crazy about technology and ICT.

In psychology
After a few wanderings, I finally ended up with psychology, not yet with the idea of going to work as a therapist later on. That idea came only after I had worked in an adventurous learning program for youth care for a year. I was so interested in health that at the age of 31 I decided to add another master’s in clinical psychology to my bachelor’s in psychology.

From that moment on it felt as if my search had come to an end, after which things gain momentum. I decided to see my ambition for different sports, especially kite surfing, more as relaxation and free time. I started my own coaching practice in which I mainly helped young people within the autism spectrum and also graduated within two years as a basic psychologist.

As a psychologist I then gained a lot of experience in specialist mental health care such as in social psychiatry, forensic psychiatry and later in addiction care. Within addiction care I am still working as a main handler for two outpatient clinics. In that work I am mainly involved in the background and I supervise a team of psychologists in their treatments. My wish to be able to give more medical attention myself, and to really be able to put the client’s wishes in the center, makes me look forward to working with Psychologist Amsterdam with great enthusiasm.

Whereas in the GGZ I almost spend half of the day doing administrative work to ensure that all the requirements of the health insurers are fulfilled, I can now fully focus on the clients wish and his / her unique guiding question.

I always hear from clients that they experience my calm and non-judgmental character as very characteristic and pleasant. Personally, I have always found that sincere attention for and involvement with every client is important. My approach is always to not want to understand too quickly or want to come up with solutions. I let the insights and the direction of the treatment come from the client, something that is often a challenge in (specialist) mental health care.

In my treatments I pay attention to all facets of someone’s life in the past and present. Sometimes this can be superficial, but sometimes it is necessary to go deeper into things. I do not work much from one theoretical framework. I prefer to use elements from different theoretical frameworks to arrive at insights and starting points.

Treatment method
Not every framework or every method suits every client. I’m interested in schema therapy and psychoanalytic psychotherapy and my experience taught me that cognitive behavioral therapy can be very efficient and effective in many situations.

I was also trained as an EMDR therapist, which I see as a very efficient treatment method for various problems. (N.B. my education in this area was primarily focused on trauma treatment for single traumas)

In the decision process of the treatment method to be chosen, I prefer to involve the client himself. He / she often knows best what suits him / her. What has been shown for years in research into the effectiveness of psychological treatments is that the therapeutic relationship by far is the most important factor in a therapy success. The “click” is therefore crucial; for that reason, I also always urge clients to pay attention to themselves and if necessary take action. After all, it is your process.

Treatment options
As a GZ psychologist I am well educated to be able to recognize and treat all psychological problems. After my education as a GZ psychologist, I have finished the basic education as an EMDR therapist; with this I am able to treat single traumas. Of course, I am always open to questions about specific treatment options.

N.B. if there are very complex problems, multiple psychological problems or problems in different areas, it is generally recommended to seek for specialized help or to register with the GGZ. The general practitioner can generally give good advice about this.

English speaking clients can also contact me. For more information or to make an appointment, please contact us via the contact form or on tel. 06 – 81 83 56 81.

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