psycholoog-amsterdam-taytelbaum-anoukPsychologist drs. Anouk Taytelbaum (NIP), advanced EFT therapist

Straightforward and involved
I’m straightforward and involved. Many of my clients appreciate the fact that I don’t beat about the bush. Which is true, because I’m straight to the point and clear. This is in my nature, but also because I’m convinced that you benefit the most. I take you seriously and treat you from equality.

People and their things
Ever since I can remember I was interested in different believes, cultures and spirituality. In, how shall I say it, ‘people and their things’. This was the base for my psychology study, which I finished at the University of Amsterdam.

The Work
Besides my study, there was also ‘ life’. I worked, continued my study and in 2002 I came in contact with ‘ The Work’ from Byron Katie. That really was an eye-opener. Because of this method I realized that the ‘here and now’ often is the best place to be and I could turn my own, sometimes stressful, mind into strength and positivism.

My work
After graduation and more studies I worked as a psychologist in several places. From a job in the forensic psychiatry to work in the protocol team in a health care group and a home clinic. I gained a broad experience before I started this practice. Here I can work by my insights and beliefs.

Always in training
One of my beliefs is always to be in training. After ‘The Work’ a lot of trainings and courses followed. From EMDR to relationship therapy: Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). And more will follow, because I owe it to myself and my clients.

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