System therapist, relationship and family therapist Paola Gobbi

NVRG registered ST, advanced EFT therapist

I am Paola, born and raised in Rome, Italy and living in the Netherlands since 2000.

How do I work
I am involved in my work and I focus on the client’s story. For every problem I think systemically and during the treatment my client and I together look for the strengths and resources, within the client himself and within his/her system.
I create an atmosphere where clients feel understood and safe and are able to show their deepest emotions and feelings. I think it is important to reflect on sad experiences, but also to pay attention to the positive sides. The exceptions are also important: moments when the problem was less or not present at all and how the client can use this power in the change process.

Partly due to my own life situation (as an Italian living in the Netherlands) I can work well with people from different cultures.

As a relationship therapist I am focused on strengthening the connection between partners, in a way that each individual is able to express his or her needs and emotions. This is done in such a way that the partner can absorb these expressions without feeling threatened. In addition, based on the assumption that everyone carries a suitcase with a (family) story, I place the couple in the context of their family of origin. By making a genogram we travel back in time. We reconstruct the emotional climate in which the couple grew up, the (bonding) style and the relational patterns of the family of origin. This journey to the past is a source of power that the couple can use to create their own richer story, which can act as a stimulus to bring about a lasting change in the relationship.

I am also particularly interested in the psychological impact of displacement and repatriation on individuals and families and I guide my clients in the process of (re) defining their identity, both as an individual and in the relationship with the partner.

Way of work
I work from different treatment methods such as client-focused therapy, EFT, system therapy (structural, narrative, contextual, multi-generational).

Adults can contact me with the following questions:

  • Relationship problems
  • Family problems
  • Parenting problems
  • Life phase problems
  • Adaptation problems (displacement and repatriation, including culture shock and reverse culture shock)
  • Work and career related issues (including stress, burnout and balance between work and private life)

About me
My background is in the humanities with a Masters Degree in Literature, followed by a Masters in Human Resource Management. I studied Psychology in the Netherlands and then specialized further in EFT and completed the post-masters course in system therapy.

During the training as a system therapist I came into contact with Maurizio Andolfi and since then I
regularly follow training courses at the Accademia di Psicoterapia della Famiglia in Rome (in addition to the continuing education and further training that I also follow in the Netherlands). Maurizio Andolfi is one of the few living icons in family therapy whose ideas inspire many family therapists in the Netherlands and in the world (and me too!).

Besides my work as a system therapist at Psychologist Amsterdam, I work as an individual, relationship and family therapist in my own practice in Leiden where my client group mainly consists of foreigners and mixed couples.

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English and Italian-speaking clients can also contact me. For more information or to make an appointment, please contact us via the contact form or via tel. 06 – 81 83 56 81.