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Therapy at Psychologist Amsterdam

As short as possible and as long as necessary

The therapy at Psychologist Amsterdam usually consists of five to ten sessions. At the end of the first sessions we formulate the objectives together. And we indicate the approximate number of sessions that will be required to achieve these objectives.

In the first conversations during therapy, we find a form that suits you best, one that makes you feel comfortable. Finding the right form and completing it, requires commitment.

You get practical tips to work with at home, often in the form of exercises or writing assignments. After all, change is only possible if you actually do things differently. Therefore you will also be working with yourself in between sessions. You have to work for it, sometimes even very hard. The questions and complaints of today are often the result of patterns worn in for years. So even if you understand what you have to do, actually doing it requires perseverance. Gradually you gain more insight into your own functioning and how this influences your daily life.

You develop skills with which you learn to tackle things or view them from a different perspective. This gives you more control over the situation, the complaints will decrease or disappear completely. Most people feel better after a psychological treatment than before. They indicate that they have more self-confidence, a different view of the problems, better social contacts, a different way of talking or the partners understand each other better.

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When do you go to a psychologist?
Everyone has psychological or physical complaints now and then, problems at home or at work. In general, you manage to handle setbacks and move on with your life. Problems only become annoying when you cannot get out of it yourself and your daily life is disrupted by this. At that time you may need a skilled psychologist who listens to you, takes your problems seriously and starts working with you to reduce or overcome them. We are happy to help you with this.

What does a psychologist do?
First we look at what’s going on – the diagnosis. Based on that diagnosis, the psychologist can tell you what you can do to reduce the complaints. Together we determine which treatment plan suits you best. And then you get started. In our psychologist practice we offer ‘short-term and client-oriented psychological help’ – that is, everything is aimed at getting you back on track quickly.

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