Loss and mourning processing by Psychologist Amsterdam

What is mourning?

Mourning, loss, you think of the death of a loved one. But there are more moments when you lose something that was dear to you, your marriage, the hope for a child or the loss of your job. Everyone knows that loss is part of life, but when it happens to you, you don’t always know how to deal with it.

The consequences of loss
The way you mourn depends on a number of factors. Such as your age, the degree to which you are prepared for the loss, your inner strength and the support from outside. Mourning is usually an intense but also long process. During that process, mourning takes up a large part of your available energy and attention. All kinds of physical and emotional complaints are the result:

  • insomnia, low appetite
  • fatigue, listlessness
  • restlessness, palpitations, pain in the chest
  • feelings of guilt, anger, despair
  • sadness, sorrow

In all cases you have to learn how to deal with the loss. That’s never easy. Yet in most cases, together with family and friends, you can put things to rest after a while. But sometimes it is not possible to proceed with your normal life, you may also experience problems in your relationship with others or in your work situation. If the loss starts to control your life, it becomes too heavy. You just can’t get out and you need guidance.

Psychologists specialized in loss & mourning processing:

Treatment loss & mourning
Losing something or someone can sometimes be so emotional and drastic that you cannot handle the grieving process alone. Family, friends, nobody can help you to get out of the disturbed process of natural mourning.

Our guidance is intended for giving your loss a place in your daily life. We do the same for the direct and indirect consequences of that loss. We look very specifically for solutions that help you with your life.

Do you recognize your symptoms and do you need help or do you just have a question about the treatment of your loss? Then call for an appointment or send an email to our practice Psychologist Amsterdam.

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