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Anxiety has a signal function and is a reaction of your body to prepare itself in dangerous situations. Your heart rate and breathing goes faster, your blood pressure goes up and your muscles tighten: your body is ready for action. There are three reactions to anxiety: fighting, running and freezing.

Does fear hinder your life?
In theory anxiety is a useful mechanism – it only becomes a problem if the anxiety mechanism is set too sharp for a long time and the alarm goes off faster than necessary or goes off in situations in which the average person is not afraid. You are already on the alert if you only think of potentially dangerous situations and that is very difficult. An anxiety disorder is more than being annoyed by something from time to time. An anxiety disorder hinders your life.

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Symptoms of anxiety disorder

During an anxiety attack you may suffer from palpitations, sweating, chills, dizziness, trembling, anguish, tingling in the hands, stomach pain, headache, confusion or the feeling that you lose control of yourself.

Besides the anxiety attacks you can have a combination of the following symptoms:

  • worry much
  • restlessness
  • irritability
  • concentration problems
  • tense
  • fatigue
  • muscle complaints
  • sleeping problems

Consequences of an anxiety disorder
If you have an anxiety disorder, it usually has huge consequences. You are often unable to do your job well, build a social life, travel or maintain stable relationships. You twist yourself in all kinds of turns to avoid certain people, places or activities. Such as driving, flying or taking the elevator. Or you can’t stand crowds, social occasions, open spaces or the slightest bit of dirt.

It’s understandable that you have the tendency to want to avoid unpleasant feelings, such as fear. Running is a natural tendency for danger, but if you run for situations or places that are not dangerous such as the street, low altitudes, elevators and animals or your own thoughts and feelings, it is a major obstacle in your daily life. You can no longer leave the house and you can be lonely. See also Phobia.

Treatment of anxiety disorder
An anxiety disorder can be treated well. To begin with, we investigate what kind of fear controls your life. Depending on this, we propose a treatment that consists of:

  • finding the cause of the fear;
  • linking this fear to possible events;
  • reducing possible chronic overload.

We work with behavioral therapy. We teach you how to recognize physical reactions. And how you can influence those reactions with breathing exercises and other exercises. Depending on your situation, we break through certain patterns, such as avoidance, drinking behavior, escape behavior, use of medicines or hard work.

The treatment reduces anxiety, physical complaints and worries and improves sleep. Avoidance behavior also decreases.

Do you recognize your symptoms and do you need help or do you just have a question about the treatment of your anxiety complaints? Then call for an appointment or send an e-mail to our practice Psychologist Amsterdam.

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