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Everyone is gloomy in response to a disappointment or loss sometimes. That’s normal and the feeling will go away again. But if a gloomy mood lasts for weeks and you’re not in the mood for anything, if it bothers you a lot and it disrupts your daily life, then you show the characteristics of depression. Looking for help from an experienced psychologist is a good step.

Generally a depression can be treated well
During therapy we help you to understand what a depression is. For many people that’s already very valuable and it offers opportunities to get started. We bring out the cause of the depression and together we look at how you can deal with it in a different and more constructive way.

Symptoms of a depression
If you are depressed, you are depressed for a longer period of time and you lose the pleasure of regular daily activities. In addition, you usually have a combination of the following complaints:

  • worry a lot
  • irritable
  • listlessness
  • concentration problems
  • forgetfulness
  • fatigue and little energy
  • clear weight change (much heavier or much lighter)
  • sleeping problems (bad or a lot)
  • feelings of guilt
  • recurring thoughts of death or of suicide

Psychologists specialized in depression therapy:

Different forms of depression
There are various specific forms of depression. A number of forms of depression are described in this text: – a winter depression – a manic-depressive disorder – a postnatal depression A winter depression is the (recurring) occurrence of a depressive period usually as from November or December. The depression is most severe in December and January, and disappears again with the extension of days. A winter depression can be treated well with a daily exposure to bright artificial light (light therapy). Manic-depressive disorder (also known as bipolar disorder) is characterized by alternating periods of exaggerated cheerfulness and depression.

You function normally between these periods. As you get older, the depressive periods can return more often and longer. Having a child is a major event. Parenthood brings changes on an individual, relational and social level. For a long time it was thought that pregnancy played a protective role in the development of mood disorders, but this belief has become obsolete in the recent years. More than half of the women suffer from mood complaints during the first ten days after the birth, the so-called “baby blues”. Usually these baby blues will pass on their own. But sometimes the symptoms worsen or appear not to pass and there is a postnatal depression. There are more forms of depression, so even if you do not recognize yourself in these forms, please contact us so that we can help you further.

Treatment of depression
The cause of depression varies per person. Sometimes a major event gives rise to the complaints, such as a divorce, the death of a loved one or the loss of work. Heredity can also play a role, if a family member suffers from somberness, there is a greater chance that you will also suffer from these complaints. But it is also possible that it is very unclear to you why you are depressed. If you recognize the characteristics of depression, it is advisable to seek help, even if that seems like a big step.

Do you recognize your symptoms and do you need help or do you just have a question about the treatment of your depression? Then call for an appointment or send an email to our practice Psychologist Amsterdam.

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