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At Psychologen Amsterdam we will connect you to a therapist that is most suited to help!

At Psychologen Amsterdam we will connect you to a therapist that is most suited to help!

Do you have a complaint about the treatment?

I am not satisfied, what to do?

Together with our practitioners, we are committed to providing you with the best support and treatment. However, it is possible that you are sometimes not satisfied with the care we provide. For example, you can have a complaint about the way in which one of us treats you. Or you had different expectations about our offer in advance and the treatment was differently than you expected. We advise you not to carry on with this, but to report your complaint. Below we would like to inform you about the possibilities.

We make a distinction between: complaint handling and complaints mediation/handling by the complaints officer.

Complaint handling

You report and discuss your complaint with the practitioner or employee to whom your complaint relates. It may be good for you to keep the following in mind:

  • respond as quickly as possible;
  • when it is a problem that cannot be quickly resolved: request a meeting; if necessary, try to put your complaint on paper briefly and firmly in advance and hand it over to us;
  • try to think of what you want to achieve with the conversation;
  • you can of course always bring someone with you for support.

By talking to each other and listening to each other, we hope to find a solution soon.

Complaint mediation/handling by the complaints officer

Has the complaint handling not resolved your dissatisfaction or do you want to submit a complaint directly (without complaint handling)? In that case, we prefer if you report your complaint to our complaints officer by telephone or in writing. This can be done via:
CBKZ t.a.v. klachtenfunctionaris Psychologen Amsterdam BV
Antwoordnummer 570
Phone 0183-682829

The complaints officer can mediate in your complaint in an accessible and informal manner. The complaints officer is impartial and provides independent advice and can also inform you more about the complaints procedure and the possible follow-up options.


Confidentiality is required for the complaints officer and all others involved in the mediation or handling of your complaint.


There are no costs associated with handling your complaint. The (possible) costs of assistance and advice engaged by you are for your own account.

Do you want more information?

This information answers the most important questions about your complaint options. For a detailed answer, we refer to our complaints procedure. You can download this procedure here. If you would like a copy by post, we will send it to you free of charge.

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