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At Psychologen Amsterdam we will connect you to a therapist that is most suited to help!

At Psychologen Amsterdam we will connect you to a therapist that is most suited to help!

Which issues can you discuss with us?

You can contact us if you suffer from mental health issues (issues about your feelings and your behavior), such as sadness, pain, burnout, traumatic symptoms, gloom and depression.

But you can also have more general problems and questions. About life, love, your work, loss. You may feel stuck, you may have questions about whether you are living the life you want to live, or find yourself struggling to enter a new phase in your life. Questions and problems that are part of life, but where you cannot find an appropriate solution. You can also contact a psychologist or therapist for these kind of issues.

Also many physical symptoms can be the result of your inner self. Think of headaches, sleep problems, weight changes and intestinal problems.

You can contact us with all your questions or problems. Even if you don’t know exactly what is wrong with you. We consider every question or issue to be valid. With our knowledge and experience, we can help you examine what is going on, find out the cause of your problem, explain what you can do about it and give you the appropriate support in order that you can continue with your life.

When do you ask for professional help?

Preferably as soon as possible! Like with physical problems, treatment can become more difficult the longer you wait and the duration of treatment will also increase. You are already looking for information about a therapist or your problem. So you are serious about your problems and questions and at least you suspect that you cannot solve your problem all by yourself. Do not hesitate, ask professional help!

What or when do we not treat (exclusion criteria / contraindications)?

The overview below shows the mental issues we do not treat and/or the situation in which we do not accept a potential client:

  • bipolar disorder, psychosis/schizophrenia, eating disorder and/or BMI less than 18, autism, (severe) addiction problems, memory problems/dementia, aggression problems, non-congenital brain injury;
  • severe suicidality;
  • intellectual disability, IQ less than 80;
  • insufficient understanding of the Dutch or English language;
  • no permanent place of residence or stay;
  • no health insurance;
  • require more intensive treatment than a maximum of 1 time per week;
  • age younger than 18 years.

The benefits of Psychologen Amsterdam:

  • we do not have a waiting list;
  • we offer a personal approach and dedication;
  • we have a variety of qualified and highly experienced therapists;
  • we are transparent to our clients about all aspects of the treatment;
  • we continue to look critically at and keep up with current developments in our field;
  • we have a harmonious team of therapists who provide both help and constructive feedback to each other;
  • we are very careful with your privacy.

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