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At Psychologen Amsterdam we will connect you to a therapist that is most suited to help!

Roadmap About us

At Psychologen Amsterdam we will connect you to a therapist that is most suited to help!

Roadmap About us

How long are our waiting times?

You can quickly make an appointment at Psychologen Amsterdam

If you have mental issues, it is nice if you can be helped as soon as possible. After you have registered by phone or via our website, together we will look for the psychologist or therapist that suits you best (based on your issues and needs).

Psychologen Amsterdam does its utmost to keep the waiting time as short as possible. We also constantly replace or expand our team of health care professionals, so that we can meet the requests for help of clients.


The waiting time for a first consultation depends on your agenda and the availability of the practitioner. On average, the waiting time for an intake interview is one to three weeks (this can vary due to holidays).


After the intake interview you can immediately continue the treatment. The frequency of the interviews will be agreed in consultation with you (for example, once a week or once every two weeks).

‘Treeknormen’ for waiting time

Until now, there was little or no waiting time at Psychologen Amsterdam. If our waiting time unexpectedly exceeds the ‘treeknorm’ and you think the waiting time is too long, you can always contact us or ask your health insurer for waiting list mediation. Your health insurer can support you, so that you have an intake interview within four weeks after your first contact with a health care provider, and that the treatment has started within ten weeks after the intake. These are the maximum acceptable waiting times that have been jointly agreed by health care providers and health insurers (the ‘treeknormen’).

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Do you have questions about the waiting time at Psychologen Amsterdam or do you want to make an appointment so that we can help you quickly with your issues? Call or send a message to Psychologen Amsterdam.

Latest update: March 1, 2024.

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