Our Corona measures

At Psychologen Amsterdam we will connect you to a therapist that is most suited to help!

At Psychologen Amsterdam we will connect you to a therapist that is most suited to help!

What does Corona mean to our practice?

Impact clients

Corona (Covid – 19) is constantly in the news. Drastic measures have been taken by the government that effectively affect the daily lives of all of us.

The Coronavirus affects everyone, including our clients. Many clients talk about how this can change their family, livelihood or health. Important life decisions are put on hold. And some have to act immediately, because they can no longer pay their staff or they have already lost their jobs.

Many clients talk about health, which comes first; concerns about their own health or the health of their loved ones. There is an acute concern for those with underlying health problems and many fear the health of their elderly parents, because they may not be able to work or lose the ability to care for their family.

The coronavirus is not only a physical virus, it also has a huge psychological and mental impact. In times of major disasters, crisis and war, we notice that fears and an overall feeling of insecurity are increasingly developing and that most of us enter in some sort of survival mode.

That is why our practice with healthcare professionals and qualified therapists is always ready to help you.

Corona measures of our practice

Our practice is limited open for face to face conversations. Conversations with your practitioner take place via a secure video calling platform if possible, and face to face if necessary. In this way we can respect the safety guidelines of the RIVM, while still offering people a personal and safe environment for psychological help. As we have always done.

Avoid waiting lists in health care!

It is really very important that existing appointments take place online or by telephone, in order to avoid that everyone will make appointments at the same time after the Corona crisis and huge waiting lists will be created.

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